Happy Easter, Spring is here!

We are super excited about our WONDERCON exclusive! We will have 20 of these hand-crafted 3D Stinky & TP "Friends Forever" framed prints available. A few will be released each morning until they are gone!

WONDERCON Booth #1254

Bored Inc.

New tees, prints, magnet and more now available on!

SNACK ATTACK art corner opens 9/21 at Leanna Lin's Wonderland!

We are SUPER excited about heading to San Diego Comic Con! We will have a booth full of new prints, tees, magnets, and more. Come see us at Booth #609!!

COMIC CON exclusive button scavenger hunt!

Visit the Bored Inc. booth and pick up your collectors card, then make your way to these fine vendors and collect a button at each booth! Limited to first 100 customers!

1. Bored Inc. (Booth #609)
2. I Heart Guts (Booth #4433)
3. Conduct Happiness, Inc. (Booth #5249)
4. Spicy Brown (Booth #5640)
5. Mr. Toast (Booth #5250)
6. FAT RABBIT FARM (Booth #4535)

Here's our BABO inspired pieces for UglyCon, Uglydoll's annual art show at Giant Robot!

Here's some artwork submissions from the winners & finalists!!

THANK YOU for an amazing 387 entries from 38 contestants!

We loved & appreciated all of your entries, it was very difficult to choose the winners!

-win a print of their design
-Stinky Poo prize pack
-$50 Bored Inc. gift certificate!

1. Celia & Rosie "to poo or not to poo, that is the question"
2. Rachael "Poo's Clues"
3. Anelysia "Giraffe Poo"

-win a $15 Bored Inc. gift certificate
-Stinky Poo prize pack
-print of their design if it gets produced in the future

1. Virginia "FrankenPoo"
2. Pauleen "Rapoonzel"
3. Vanessa "Vladimir Poo-tin"
4. Annie "Adventure Time: Jakie Poo & Finn the Poo-Man"
5. Morganna "Summertime Cutie Poo"
6. Kori "Musubi Poo"
7. Stephenie "Cindy Loo Poo"
8. Jade "Baked Poo-tatoe"
9. Abigaelle "Pepe Le Poo"
10. Dana "Stinkerbell"
11. Grace "Gangnam Style, PSY Poo"
12. Jessica "Pablo Poocasso"

Congratulations to the winners & finalists!

Don't forget, we are sending mini prize packs to all who entered, so please make sure you've submitted your mailing address to us by email info(at)

Upcoming Events

Check back soon for our upcoming shows!


(click on show title to see more info)

"Doggie Wonderland" curated by Supahcute

"Through the Looking Glass" Ornament Show curated by Miss Mindy & CJ Metzger

"Story Time" group show at Monkeyhouse Toys

"Snack Attack" Art Corner

"UglyCon" curated by Ugly Doll at Giant Robot

"Pablove One Another" curated art benefit for the Pablove Foundation

"Friends Forever"

"Bedtime Stories" group show curated by Joey Chou

The "WonderPUP" show benefitting ACVIM

"Forest Friends" group show

"Scarygirl 10th Anniversary" curated by Nathan Jurevicius at Toy Tokyo